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Thopidan's Barbie Girl

Født : 04 09 2013


Jack Russel Terrieren er et nyt bekendskab for os. Kim har længe ønsket at prøve kræfter med endnu en jagthunderace. Mange racer har været "oppe at vende" at valget faldt på netop denne race, skydes dels racens speciale "at gå i grav". En jagtform som cockeren ikke kan varetage. Og dels at vi faldt pladask for Fionas far, da vi så ham første gang. Fiona er sjov, smuk, hurtig og kvik til at lærer. På samme tid er hun både kærlig og selvstændig. Vi har som tiden er gået og kærligheden til Fiona er steget valgt at hun ikke skal gå i grav. Det ene og alene fordi vi har nogle kæmpe store naturgrave lige omkring hvor vi bor, og vi er simpelhen så bange for at miste hende at vi har valgt at hun ikke skal stimuleres på Ræv. I stedet tager hun husmår og rotter i stor stil, og vi må sande at instinket ikke fejler noget. Der er ret meget at komme efter der.




Lemosa Mr. Energier

Fionas Mor: DKCH Sieger's Brainstorm

Her er hvad Energier's ejer fortæller om Energiers rejse hertil og hvordan der er blevet muligt at få en hvalpe efter han.


"Energy left Australia to persue a dream and along the way he has made many wonderful friends and found many admirers. It has been an amazing global journey which began in Japan where he was a Best in Show winner under the guidance of Hiroshi Tsuyuki (Foxcreek Kennels) his handler and groomer, and Kao Miichi (Monamour Kennels) his carer, devoted friend and his biggest supporter!! They took him to Paris where he was Best of Breed at the 2011 World Dog Show and made the final top 6 for the Terrier group. Later that year he went the world famous Montgomery Kennel club in the USA where was Best of Breed. Kao and Hiroshi thank you for the support and making the dream happen!The second part of Energy's journey began at the 2012 world dog show when he went to visit Jessie Borregaard Madsen, Kaj Bauer Madsen and Vibe Borregaard Madsen (Siegers Kennel) for his European vacation. Jessie and Kaj welcomed him into their home where he become the house dog and held pride of place on Jessie’s bed. Energy enjoyed European life, meeting ladies from Norway, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Russia Germany and Finland. However, the number one European girl in Energy’s life was Vibe his handler - they made an amazing team together and when she first met Energy she was amazed by his movement!! They had many great wins and collected more than few titles along the way. Thank Jessie, Kaj and Vibe for the care and the love you showed him and making him part of a family that he will miss!!This was my selfish dream for Energy to go on the world stage. It started the day I saw Energy at a show when he was 3 months and I made the statement “I could win with this dog”. I was indeed fortunate that his breeder Susan Lemon (Lemosa) and friend and co-owner Val Salter (Pretorium) allowed me to own him, and to guide Energy to the top level in the sport of dogs.The most important part of this story is the many supporters and my friends who have played a vital role in getting Energy onto the world stage. They are what I call the "Australian players" and have a right to call Energy their own. Mrs Ann Knight, my lifelong friend and partner in the world of dogs, who has supported the dream more than she realises. Then there was ultimate professional handler of Energy during winter campaigns Kaye McGhie (Fraelighte kennels) - Energy’s bestest friend and he will be having holidays with Kaye often upon his return. Last but not least is Marie Merchant - the person who planted the thought in my mind and supported my concept from the beginning. Energy’s world journey has come with no financial gain to any of his owners, the only thing I ever asked was that he pay his way around the world. I thank Hiroshi, Kao Jessie, Kaj and Vibe who kept their word to me regarding his safe return. Energy is known for his movement and no-one can argue he passed this movement onto his children!! I applaud the breeders that used Energy for future their breeding programs, and he has already has many champions in many countries and many of them being Best IN SHOW winners and world dog show winners. To all the people that admired him and wished him well with his wins or his progeny I thank you.I always said a little bit of Energy goes a long way!! Was there controversy about Energy? YES there was. Did he add value to breeding programs around the world? Yes he did. Is he the greatest Jack Russell Terrier in the world? I guess that's debatable. BUT, is he one of the greatest Jack Russell Terriers in the world? The answer is YES HE IS.Energy will take pride of place in our home on his return as he rightly should. Thank you one and all its been a great dream!! "

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